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Strong Island

Success Story

Strong Island
"Having lived in Long Island for 2 years while going to school, I knew when hurricane Sandy hit, I wanted to do something to help.  While living there, I met some great friends and knew many of the areas that were hit hard by the storm.  The option of going back up there to help was not available, so I figured that raising money would be the best thing I could do to help.  Bonfire gave me the unique opportunity to not only raise money, but to design a T-shirt specific to my cause.  "Strong Island" was a term I had heard used by many of the people who lived on Long Island...and in living there I knew why.  The close knit communities, family bonds and tight friendships are the cornerstone of "Strong Island"... and without a doubt they will pull through this even stronger.... I am glad I was able to raise some money to help them out and look forward to seeing my shirt someday when I visit.  Thank you Bonfire for the opportunity to do some good....!!!!"
Mike Fraykor
Mike Fraykor - Lansdowne, VA Fund Organizer
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