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SOLO Supports Earthquake Recovery Efforts

Success Story

SOLO Supports Earthquake Recovery Efforts
SOLO Wilderness School’s Nepal-based instructor, Chandra Ale, was unfortunately in Nepal during the time of the April 25th earthquake that destroyed many homes, took lives, and left the country in a state of disrepair. Chandra survived the natural disaster, but although living outside himself, is still trying to move forward with rescue/recovery efforts with his company, Initiative Outdoor. “Initiative Outdoor is working hard to provide basic first aid in order to reduce the traffic going to the already strained hospitals. A small medical camp will be erected in the next week.” SOLO Wilderness Medical School hosted this fundraiser to aid in the fulfillment of this mission. Chandra, and his partner Chelsilyn are on the ground in Nepal helping to rebuild. They are are leading the ground team for tin-roofing distributions to remote villages, which, due to landslides, can only be transported by helicopter. They will then provide basic first aid training to the locals, to help make them more aware of infections and minor wound care. The funds raised are helping to make these things happen in Nepal, along with so much more!

"Thank you to everyone who has made a donation or bought a SOLO Nepal t-shirt through our BonfireFunds page. We are very appreciative of everyone’s support over the past few weeks as well as the ability to use such an amazing website to aid in our cause. Having done t-shirt sales events in the past, it can often be difficult having to purchase inventory or organize pre-sales and collect money to ensure that enough product is made or that the funds are all paid on time for when an order is placed. Through the use of BonfireFunds, we were able to quickly set up a personal shirt design that we felt helped to convey a message of support for our Nepal-based instructor. In addition, not having to worry about keeping track of orders, stock, or shipping items out, made the entire process stress free. We also found the customer support to be readily available with several solutions to problems or questions that arose. Most importantly, through the use of the website, we were able to raise $8,767 through shirt sales and donations! We cannot express the amount of gratitude that we have for everyone who helped us to far exceed our initial goal."
Kelsey - Nepal Fund Owner
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