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Saving a Heart for Super Ben

Success Story

Saving a Heart for Super Ben
Ben will undergo his fourth heart surgery in seven months. To say that this has been the toughest battle for the Messer Family is an understatement. Baby Ben continues to fight every battle that is put in his path. He is resilient. He is strong. He is Super Ben.

This was our first fundraiser through Bonfire. We are so excited about the opportunity to wear a shirt that illustrates the strength of Ben and the Messer family. It is an inspiration to us all. We knew that we had made the right choice with Bonfire when realized that friends, family, supporters all across our city could support Ben by donating by wear his shirt! Bonfire takes care of sending the shirts to all the donors. This is so helpful to our Sharpsburg Family. We can't wait to see them being worn throughout the city!

We are so happy that so many people could be involved in supporting Ben. We would not have been able to collect orders, collect money, and deliver shirts to this amount of people in our community. On top of it all...we were able to raise much more money than we could have on our own!
Sharpsburg Family - Cincinnati, OH Fund Organizer
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