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Relief for Rowyn

Success Story

Relief for Rowyn
Rowyn was born December 14, 2014 and in February she was diagnosed with Heterotaxy Syndrome as well as Biliary Atresia, Atrial Septic Defect, Ventricle Septic Defect and Polysplenia. She underwent surgery at 7 weeks of age to connect her small intestine to her liver (referred to as a Kasai procedure) after Biliary Atresia was confirmed. While the doctors feel the ASD and VSD (holes in her heart) will heal on their own the Kasai procedure wasn't successful and she now needs a liver transplant as soon as possible. The closest hospital that performs liver transplants for children/infants is located in Wilmington, Delaware, approximately 4 hours away from their own home.

What brought you to fundraising with Bonfire? I was raising money for my 5 month old daughter, Rowyn, who is waiting for a liver transplant. It was important to raise money so I could stay home from work to take care of her pre and post operatively, as well as to help defray the costs of travel, stays and daycare costs for our older 3 children while we were away. Bonfire has truly been a blessing, the ease and convenience is astounding.

What was the moment you new you made the right choice with Bonfire? Everything was so simple and my purchases were delivered right to my doorstep. The ease, convenience, not being responsible for anything besides setting up the fundraiser and getting the word out. In difficult or stressful times the less you're responsible for the better and easier it is for yourself.
Laura Campbell - Erie, PA Rowyn's Mother
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