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Reading Is Paradise

Success Story

Reading Is Paradise
The Majuro Cooperative School is a private, independent school located in Majuro, the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). The RMI is a developing nation with less than 40 years of independence and is still deciding many key issues support infrastructure, education and health. Most libraries in Majuro offer out-dated, moldy or extremely worn volumes to users. The Coop School was no exception. Two years ago, grant monies were allocated and a full-time, credentialed librarian came onboard to organize and revitalize the collection and access to students. The school's catalog is now searchable on the web and students are able to log into their accounts and review books and place reserves on titles. The students have truly embraced the library services and have checked out more and more books each year. The collection now offers newer titles (using a variety of sources - donations continue but are carefully curated; direct purchases that support the curriculum - using Bonfire funds! - and self-support using's reading clubs bonus points) and more access hours. The school wanted to spread the "reading word" to the community and opened a Little Free Library that has been extremely popular (i.e. empty most of the time!) and the Bonfire Fund helps to keep it stocked as well.
Kathy Armbruster - Majuro Fund Owner
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