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Cure SMA for Lucy Mae

Success Story

Cure SMA for Lucy Mae
We were raising money for our daughter Lucy Mae who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy in March 2015. We wanted to get her a small wheel chair and used Bonfire to reach that goal. We not only reached the goal but surpassed it exceedingly. We have sold 412 shirts and raised over $7,300. We now have enough money for Lucy to help with some of her equipment needs. This fund was important because we not only raised money but also are raising awareness of SMA. SMA is the number 1 genetic killer of babies and no one has even heard of it.

This will not be last time I use Bonfire. I plan to launch another shirt during August which is SMA awareness month. Ordering and printing shirts was so easy because I didn't have to do anything! All I had to do was promote and facebook, instagram and twitter and the supporters did the rest!

I knew I made the right choice when the team emailed me about the design and the shirt. They wanted to work details out and make sure the design was going to show up properly on the shirt. They return emails promptly and have answered any question I've asked of them. I love that you can re-launch the fund as well. I've already had to re-launch ours 2 other times because people keep wanting shirts!

Lucy Mae Shirt Collage

Bonfire is amazing because you not only raise money, (there are a lot of other sites that do that) but people get a reminder of what and who they supported. My sweet girl's face is on 412 shirts. Not only do I plan to recommend Bonfire, but I already have.
Moriah Potter
Moriah Potter - Spearman, TX Mother of Lucy Mae
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