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Living Hope School in Kenya

Success Story

Living Hope School in Kenya
Living Hope Ministries International is an organization that works to bring relief to the orphaned children of Kenya. The Hope Centre, the orphanage attached to the organization, is located in the village of Oyuma, Kenya and is home to 42 young children.

The latest mission of the organization is to build a school on the compound of the orphanage where not only kids from The Hope Centre would attend, but also kids from the surrounding village. This school will immensely increase the quality of education that the kids receive and will be a great blessing to the surrounding area. This fund what the second fund launched for Living Hope Ministries International. Our first fund was a huge success and raised over $3,000 to help build the school.

Bonfire is a great resource, and we had a great time working with the organization. As a result of social media and word of mouth, we started having tons of people buy shirts through the ease of BonfireFund's site. When the numbers of supporters went up so quickly, that was the moment I knew I made the right choice.

Why Bonfire?
Ease - they do everything for you! The designs are great, you can control the pricing, the shirts print beautifully, and Bonfire totally takes care of the money for you. Amazing company.
Shelby Pope
Shelby Pope - Athens, GA Fund Organizer
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