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Carry The Flag

Success Story

Carry The Flag
"Bonfire was the perfect mechanism for us to both bring awareness to and raise funds for our initiative.  Like most organizations trying to advance a social cause we were unsure of the level of support we were going to receive.  With so much uncertainty, the notion of placing a large up-front order of t-shirts is risky.  I’m sure more than one unlucky sole has been left with a significant invoice and a lot of unused t-shirts when they didn’t get the response they were hoping for.  Fortunately for us, our fund had a tremendous response and sold a lot of t-shirts.  Either way, Bonfire was the right decision for us.  An ingenious business model, supporting great causes, backed by people who go above and beyond to make sure your cause and your constituency are properly supported.  We owe you!”
Scott Byrnes - Richmond, VA Fund Organizer
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