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Amazing Ava Heart Fund

Success Story

Amazing Ava Heart Fund
I set up the Bonfire Fund in order to raise money for my 15 month old niece Ava Rose Martin. We call her our Amazing Ava. She has been fighting to live since before she was born. She has a heart condition that was detected early, while in the womb. Ava was eventually diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome though things to date have become more complicated.

Through numerous surgeries and procedures, Ava has prevailed as our little fighter and heart warrior. She has been to the brink and back multiple times throughout her stay at Lurie Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, she still has more obstacles to overcome. Ava is now in critical condition and has been placed on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Her medical team at Lurie's is doing their best to help Ava hang on until they find a match, but she will need it very soon. We hope and pray every single day. Ava's parents (Brian and Amie) and her loving sister, Ella, are standing strong and dedicated by Ava's side. Their love for Ava is unwavering. We are all inspired by their devotion, dedication, and diligence.
Dana Bingham - Plainfield, IL Fund Owner
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