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Sports Team Fundraising Ideas

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Playing sports comes with a number of valuable benefits. Playing sports helps people of all ages stay active and healthy. Sports also teach the value of cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. 

Most sports teams require funding in order to stay afloat. Today, more and more sports teams are using to launch fundraising campaigns online. These fundraising campaigns can be used to cover the costs of equipment, venue rentals, out-of-town travel expenses, and more. 

Whether raising funds for a kids sports team or an adult sports league, Bonfire wants to help maximize your fundraising efforts. Sports teams from across the country have successfully used Bonfire to raise funds for all different types of causes. We provide a risk-free fundraising environment and an easy payment system that makes it easy to raise support for any cause. 

"Raised $1,890 for his school's soccer and track & field team."

Scott Byrnes
Raised $1,890

Here are just a few of the advantages that can offer your sports team’s fundraising campaign:

Easy online payment system

The best way to launch a successful fundraiser is to make it easy for your contributors to donate to your cause. Today, the internet offers the easiest way to donate to any type of cause. After taking a few minutes to set up your sports team fundraising page, it takes only seconds for your contributors to make a donation. When you make it easy for people to donate to your sports team’s fundraiser, it increases the odds that your fundraiser will be successful. At Bonfire, we give you all the tools you need to make your fundraiser a complete success.

Easy-to-use online shirt design tool

Designing a t-shirt may look easy - until you actually sit down and try to do it yourself. That’s why we created the easiest to use online t-shirt design tool.  With thousands of design elements and fonts, a professional looking design is only a couple mouse clicks away. Sports team fundraiser

Not a creative type and need design inspiration? Visit our shirt design library which has over 500 designs for you to browse. T-shirt designs range from abstract logos to simple slogans and mottos.

Soft, comfortable, and stylish t-shirts that look good on anyone

The best part about t-shirts is that they’re made to be worn. This may seem like a simple quality, but it’s something that many other charity t-shirt manufacturers fail to grasp. Bonfire t-shirts are soft, comfortable, and stylish. They feature a modern-fitted design and feel good on the skin. For all of these reasons, your contributors will actually want to wear these t-shirts long after your fundraiser is complete. Don’t be surprised if you see your sports team’s t-shirts the next time you walk around town! 

Raise money for any sports team, league, or event

Playing sports can be expensive. High equipment costs can prevent some players from playing, and renting a field or venue for games is rarely cheap. No matter which type of sport you’re playing or how old your players may be, can support any type of team, league, or event. Our site has been used to create fundraisers for everything from adoptions to animal rescue charities. If you have a sports team that needs to launch a fundraising campaign, then we can help.  

Risk-free fundraising with zero initial investment

Fundraising can be a risky process for many sports teams. Sports teams may sell wristbands or hoodies where inventory needs to be purchased in advance, for example. If a certain number of these items aren’t sold, then the fundraiser will not make even. This fundraising model isn’t ideal, as it exposes the sports team to a fair bit of risk.

That’s why believes in taking a different approach. At, our fundraising process is 100% risk-free. Creating a fundraiser is free and none of your supporters are charged anything until you reach your minimum sales needed to print (as low as 5 shirts). As long as you've sold the minimum quantity needed to print, once your fund ends we print and ship your shirts to all your contributors. You receive 100% of all t-shirt proceeds and we apply an 8% processing fee to any additional donations. This fundraising system is risk-free for all parties involved and gives your fundraiser the highest possible chance of success.Team Macie Fundraiser

It’s easy to spread and share your fundraiser with others online and we’ve made it as easy as possible for anyone to donate to your cause. Whether you’re raising funds for a new arena, new equipment, or venue rentals, we encourage you to launch a sports team fundraiser on Bonfire today!

More Sports and Team Fundraising Ideas

Need some fundraising ideas for your sports league or team? BonfireFunds want to help! Here are a few of the best ideas for sports and team fundraising campaigns:

50/50 tickets at other sporting events: 50/50 tickets are an easy and effective way to raise money for a local sports league or team. If you’re raising money for a local football team, then ask major football teams in your area to allow a 50/50 campaign at their next game. Football fans like to support local football leagues and teams, which is why this is one of the most popular fundraising campaigns available to sports and teams today.

Sports tournaments: What better way to raise money for a sports team than with more sports? Organize a sports tournament and charge teams to join. Spend some of the earnings on a grand prize and keep the rest for your sports team. 3-on-3 basketball tournaments are particularly popular – especially if you’re raising money for a local basketball team.  

Bake sales: Bake sales are popular fundraising tools for nearly any charity, organization, or sports teams. Bake sales are easy to setup and organize. Ask a few teammates to make some baked goods and then sell those baked goods in a public place. You can sell them at a school, for example, or on a street downtown at noon. Think of places hungry people go and then sell baked goods there!


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