Leave no pet behind

Leave no pet behind
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Leave no pet behind

We won't stop until every adoptable shelter pet has a loving, forever home

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Pets for Patriots, Inc.

One of the basic pillars of the Army Warrior Ethos is "I will never leave a fallen comrade" - a deeply ingrained ethic in all of the United States armed forces. It's in this spirit that we ask others to "Leave no pet behind," and to adopt at least one of the millions of dogs and cats entering shelters who have no chance of making it out alive unless adopted.

For the nearly half of an estimated eight millions dogs and cats in shelters, rescues, humane societies, SPCAs and animal controls each year who will be killed, adoption is their only chance at life.

Adult and special needs animals, as well as large dogs, are those most overlooked for adoption. They face the highest probability of being killed or, if in a "no kill" shelter, often face prolonged or even terminal homelessness. It is for these reasons that we champion these "last chance" pets by helping United States veterans and military personnel adopt these wonderful, life-affirming animals.

Join our movement to "Leave no pet behind" by purchasing a shirt (or three), wearing it with pride and being a voice for the most overlooked animals in our society.
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