You design the shirt, set the prices and launch your fund. Then, folks buy your shirts and you receive 100% of the profits. It’s that simple!

The magic starts in our T-shirt design wizard. There, you can upload your own artwork or draw from our library of free designs. Our user-friendly controls let you easily manipulate images, add text, charge colors and more.

Once your design is looking awesome, it’s time to set the prices. This is where you decide how high your profits per shirt will be. We make things super simple: every dime your supporters pay for a shirt above its base cost is pure profit.

You’ll also set your sales goal at this stage. This number is up to you - it’s incredibly valuable for encouraging your supporters, tracking your progress and planning your profits. If you end up selling more than your goal, your profits per shirt will be higher than expected. (The opposite is true if you don’t quite meet your goal.)

However, your sales goal does not determine if your shirts will be printed. Instead, each fund has a minimum number of sales needed to print, determined by the selling price and base cost. This number is often as low as five.

If your fund meets this minimum number, shirts will be printed and shipped directly to your supporters. They’ll receive their awesome new shirts approximately 14 business days after the fund’s end date.

Finally, you’ll receive an email to withdraw shirt profits + any additional donations to a PayPal account.

And that’s all there is to it! If you wish, you can easily re-launch your fund at any time to start the process over again.