Bonfire is a 100% risk-free fundraising platform, which means you won’t ever be asked to pay a dime. Because of this, we can only print shirts at quantities where the selling price is greater than or equal to the base cost.

Every fund has a minimum number of sales needed to print, usually a low number like 11 or even 5. This number is calculated based on each shirt’s base cost and selling price.

minimum sales needed to print

If you don’t reach your minimum sales needed to print, your fund simply ends. Your supporters won’t be charged and shirts won’t be printed. You can then go back and make changes to your fund and re-launch whenever you’re ready to try again.

If your minimum sales needed to print is too high, there are several things you can do to lower it. Try reducing the number of colors in your shirt design or leaving one side of the shirt blank. Raising your selling price will also help.