Designing your shirt and launching are only the first steps in your journey to a successful fund. What comes next is arguably the most important part: promoting your fund and reaching potential supporters.

Here are some ways to get the word out:

1. Social media

Regardless of whether you're an individual with 150 friends and family members on Facebook or an organization with more than 100,000 likes, social media is your best bet for reaching your potential supporters. Here are just a couple hints at using the medium to great effect:

  • Post with a sense of urgency and scarcity – ex: “only two days left to buy!”
  • Use attention-grabbing images (such as your awesome shirt design!)
  • Plan your posts before you fund starts
  • Post often without being spammy

We could go on forever about the wonders of promoting on Facebook. Check out this blog post for a full rundown. 

2. Newsletters

If you're an organization with a newsletter, a monthly email blast or anything similar, don't let those channels go to waste. The folks who receive these publications are interested in your cause and therefore very likely to purchase a shirt. Include a short description of your fund that appeals to your specific audience. If possible, incorporate an image of your shirt design to grab attention.

3. Blogging

If you've got a widely-read blog, be sure to post about your T-shirt. That readership you've been building up all these months are now potential supporters. Haven't got a blog, but know someone else with a popular one? Contact them about the possibility of guest-blogging, which is a great way to reach an untapped audience.