With your uploaded artwork, the design possibilities are endless. Whether you’ve just got a cool image for a shirt or you’re an experienced graphic designer creating custom artwork, Bonfire can accommodate almost anything. Here are a few pointers on uploaded files:

File requirements

To make things easy, we have only a few requirements for uploaded artwork:

  • Accepted file types are PNG, GIF and JPG
  • The maximum file size is 5MB
  • The minimum image size is 200px by 200px
  • The image can contain up to 8 colors
  • You must own the rights to reproduce and sell the design

File recommendations

While we accept a wide variety of files, some definitely work better than others. Here are some recommended specs for your uploaded artwork:

  • Upload a PNG file with transparent background
  • The file’s resolution should be 300 DPI (dots per inch)
  • Use artwork exported from vector graphics
  • Use just 1 or 2 colors to maximize your profits
  • Don’t upload photographs

Color adjustments

When you upload a file, the colors in your artwork are automatically matched to colors in our library. If our library doesn’t contain the exact colors you used, your colors may be slightly adjusted to a nearly identical shade.

We recognize that some users have very specific color needs. If you’re concerned about potential alterations, contact us, and we’ll explore other ways to print your artwork.

Problems with your file

If you’re having any problems with your uploaded artwork, just reach out by sending us an email on our Contact Us page. We'll get things straightened out!