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Fundraising Ideas

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PTA Fundraising Ideas Thumbnail

Boost school spirit and raise your PTA budget with custom t-shirts. 

Booster T-Shirt Sample

Give your fans a t-shirt they will love and raise money for your athletics program at the same time.

Raise Money for Adoption

Offset the high costs of adoption with comfy, custom Bonfire t-shirts.

Alumni Association Fundraising Ideas

Give alums a shirt they will love & raise money online for your alumni association.

Animal Rescue T-Shirt

Shirts are purrrfect for pet rescues and animal shelter fundraising.

Cancer Fundraisers

T-Shirts are a great idea for cancer fundraisers and generating awareness. 

Charity Fundraising T-Shirt Example

Bonfire t-shirts make charitable giving comfortable and stylish!

Children's T-Shirt Fundraiser

With many youth sizes available Bonfire is an excellent fundraising idea. 

Church Fundraising Ideas

Custom shirts are way more stylish than a bingo night or a spaghetti supper.

Community Fundraiser Shirt

No matter which type of community you’re a part of, fundraising is simple with Bonfire. 

Corporate fundraiser t-shirt ideas

Increase corporate giving and philanthropy with awesome custom t-shirts. 

Disaster Relief Fundraiser T-Shirt

Rally your community around disaster relief efforts and raise money for those in need.  

Event Fundraiser Ideas

Make your event a memorable one with your own custom shirts. 

High School Fundraising Shirts

Make your high school’s fundraiser be as successful (and comfortable) as possible.

Medical Fundraising T-Shirt idea

Raise money for friends and loved ones burdened by medical bills. 

Memorial Fundraiser T-Shirt Idea

Celebrate the life of a lost friend or loved one with Bonfire custom t-shirts.

Raise money for mission

Raise money for your mission trip and spread your message of faith.

FRG Fundraising Ideas

Military families from any branch of the armed services run great fundraisers on Bonfire.

Police Benefit Fundraiser T-Shirt

Police benefits have never looked so snazzy (or felt so soft and comfy!)

Non-profit Fundraising T-Shirt Idea

Use t-shirts to generate charitable donations and grow your donor database. 

Personal fundraising design idea

Raise money for personal causes by selling your own custom shirt.

Political Fundraiser T-Shirts

Generate funding and raise campaign and policy awareness with shirts. 

Project Fundraising Shirt Idea

Generate funds and buzz for your next big idea with Bonfire custom shirts and hoodies.

School Fundraiser Ideas

Risk-free, school fundraising made simple for any grade-level or age group. 

Sports Fundraiser T-Shirt

Offset the costs of equipment, venue rentals, out-of-town travel expenses, and more.

Trip fundraising ideas

Easily raise money to cover plane tickets, lodging and other trip expenses. 

University Fundraising Ideas

Custom tees are an effective way for students to finance the costs of going to school.

Youth Group Fundraiser

Make your youth group's fundraiser as successful as possible with comfy shirts. 

Looking for ideas for your next fundraiser? Need to raise money but not sure where or how to start? We've compiled this list of t-shirt ideas you can use for your own Bonfire fundraiser. Also check out our Ultimate List of Fundraising Ideas blog post for more creative fundraisers.

Custom t-shirts are an excellent way to generate funds and awareness for any cause, non-profit, or personal fundraising campaign. In fact, many of our fundraisers have told us their supporters absolutely love the idea of selling t-shirts to raise money.

Bonfire is truly a risk-free way to raise money by selling your own custom shirts to you supporters. There's never any inventory to buy and you can rest assured your supporters are getting a shirt they are going to absolutely love. Plus your supporters can leave additional donations without even buying a shirt.

Custom Bonfire shirts are an effective, unique idea for your next fundraiser. Learn how it works or start your own fund today.
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