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Disaster Relief Fundraising Ideas

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When disaster strikes, communities band together. Individuals support one another and that’s what makes them a community.

Communities often rely on disaster relief fundraising to rebuild after an unexpected disaster. Disaster relief funds are used to rebuild homes and businesses and cover any other expenses incurred from the disaster.

Disasters happen every day. Some disasters are large and affect the entire world. Other disasters affect a small local area.

Whether seeking fundraising for a large or small disaster, wants to help.

Our unique fundraising system lets you create a t-shirt for free, promote that t-shirt online, and send that t-shirt to your contributors – all without paying a dime.

"During our fundraiser for my hometown of Lindenhurst, which was Devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the Bonfire team were the utmost professional and helpful people to work with."

Tim Finn
Raised $12,915

Here’s how it works: download one of our pre-made disaster relief shirt designs or create a t-shirt using our free online design tool. Then, you provide basic details about your disaster relief fundraiser. You launch your fundraiser and spread the word around your community. As long as you sell the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5), we manufacture the shirts and ship them to your contributors and send you the profits. Fundraising doesn’t get any simpler!

Medical Designs Free offers a number of unique benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why we can help launch your disaster relief fundraiser:

Easily rally the entire community around a cause

Disaster relief is something that benefits an entire town. Families need homes, businesses need new buildings, and children need schools. No matter how your disaster relief funds will be used, makes it easy to rally around a cause. Just setup your fundraiser and spread and share that URL with your friends, family, and community. Going door to door for fundraising is a thing of the past!Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser Shirt Design

Bonfire t-shirts are surprisingly soft and stylish

When you think of charity t-shirts, you probably don’t think of a t-shirt that’s soft, comfy, and stylish. Bonfire t-shirts, however, have all of these qualities. Our t-shirts have a modern fit and comfy fabric that makes them fun to wear. Most charity t-shirts get worn once and then thrown away. Bonfire t-shirts are worn over and over again – which makes spreading your message easy.  

We send you the profit

Disasters can cost millions – even billions – of dollars. That’s why we firmly believe in giving your disaster relief fundraiser the maximum possible amount of money. We send 100% of all t-shirt proceeds directly to you. You can even set the selling price of the t-shirt. The cost of manufacturing the t-shirts is taken out of the price and the rest is yours to keep.

Fundraise for local disasters and international disasters

One of the biggest advantages of launching a fundraiser online is that your contributors don’t have to come from your city. They don’t even have to come from the same continent. Our easy payment system lets contributions pour in from all over the world. This makes it easy to launch fundraising campaigns for local disasters or support people in need all over the world.

Completely risk-free

If you don’t sell the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5), then the t-shirts are never manufactured and nobody is charged. This means there are no startup costs to your charity. It doesn’t cost you anything to create a t-shirt online and launch your fundraiser. Everything can be completed within minutes and the entire process is risk-free. While other fundraising approaches require upfront investment and risk,’s unique system ensures your fundraiser is risk-free and effective at achieving its goals.

Quickly setup your fundraiser

Most fundraising campaigns take a few days of planning. After a disaster strikes, most people don’t have a few spare days to setup a fundraiser. A fundraiser takes just minutes to start up. Once it’s up and running, you don’t have to manage anything. We do all of the hard work for you. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to rally a community around a good cause, can help.  HandsOns Day

More Disaster Relief Fundraising Ideas

In addition to t-shirt fundraising, here are some other fundraising ideas you can use to provide disaster relief after an earthquake, tornado, flood, or any other type of disaster:

Garage sales and yard sales: After a local disaster, people in your community might need to rebuild their entire lives. Host a yard sale and give all the proceeds to a disaster relief fund. This also works well if you’re fundraising for a disaster that occurred across the world. Either way, you get to feel good about yourself and clean your home at the same time.

Sports events: Sports events in support of disaster relief work particularly well when the disaster occurred in your local area. A sports event – like a 3 on 3 basketball tournament or home run challenge – is relatively easy to organize. It also rallies the town around a common cause and provides a distraction from the stress of cleaning up a disaster.

Sell tickets to a local attraction: Sell tickets to a local concert, club, bar, or zoo and put a portion of the proceeds towards your fundraising campaign.

Set up disaster relief charity boxes around town: Think of places where people have spare change. Then, setup charity boxes to these locations. Fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores are all popular places to setup a charity box. Place a message and pictures on the donations collection box to make sure people know exactly where their donations are going.

Whether raising money for typhoon relief in a developing nation or helping out locally, disaster relief fundraising is a noble effort. Use the methods listed above to make sure your disaster relief campaign is as successful as possible.

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