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Top 10 Ways to Engage The World and Make Your Fundraiser a Success

A successful fundraiser can change someone’s life. At Bonfire, we see successful fundraisers change lives every single day. Today, we’re going to show you how to make your fundraiser as successful as possible by engaging the world:

1) Define a clear call to action

In the marketing world, defining a clear call to action is incredibly important. In order for your fundraiser to be successful, you need to approach it from a marketing perspective. When you define a clear call to action, you make it easy for supporters to understand where your fundraiser is going and what it needs in order to get there.

What is a clear call to action? When telling others about your fundraiser, you want to define the exact action you want them to take.

Instead of ending your fundraiser blurb by saying:
“Please support our fundraiser!”

Say something like:
“Click the link below to buy a t-shirt today and help reach our fundraising goals!”

Some would choose to simplify that even further and say something like “Click to buy a t-shirt!” Your goal is to make the call to action as simple and effective as possible.

2) Identify your target market

We’re going to use another marketing term for this tip: target market. Your target market is the people who are most likely to support your fundraising cause. If you’re starting a fundraiser for the adoption of a child, then you may not want to broadcast your campaign to strangers on the internet. Instead, you’ll want to focus your fundraiser on friends, family, coworkers, and other people you personally know. Think about your fundraiser and think about who would appreciate that fundraiser. If you focus your attention on that target market, your fundraiser is destined for success.

Some fundraisers are perfectly suitable for the generosity of strangers. In that case, you can search for forums, blogs, and social media personalities online that are most likely to support your fundraiser. If you’re raising funds for an animal shelter, for example, then you’ll find plenty of kind-hearted animal lovers online.

3) Reach out to blogger websites

There are literally millions of blogs online today. There are blogs for virtually every niche topic in the world. No matter what type of fundraiser you’re creating, there is bound to be a blog out there for you.

Reach out to these blogs and ask them if they’re interested in writing about your fundraiser. Or, to make things as easy as possible for these bloggers, write a blog post yourself and ask if the blogger would be kind enough to upload it to their site. Any campaign can become viral on the internet, and when you reach out to like-minded bloggers, you could be exposing your campaign to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of new people.

4) Share with your social media network

Social media is a ubiquitous force in our world. Whether you love social media or hate it, there’s no denying its usefulness as a fundraising tool. Post your fundraiser to Facebook and Twitter and explain why you’re trying to raise the money and what your connections can do to help. If your friends ‘Share’ a post on Facebook, then the viral power of social media can instantly turn your fundraising campaign into a success.

5) Share with your professional network

You’ve told your social media connections about your t-shirt fundraiser. Now it’s time to tell your coworkers, your boss, and other professional connections. Share your fundraising story at work. Send out an office-wide email with a link to your Bonfire fund page. Talk about your fundraiser around the water cooler. If you’ve contributed to your coworkers’ fundraisers in the past, then they may want to reciprocate your generosity.

6) Empower friends and family to spread word on your behalf

Spreading word about a fundraiser by yourself can be difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything on your own. Encourage your friends to spread word about your fundraiser to their friends. Talk about why you want your fundraiser to succeed. If your goals are noble enough, you may not have to directly ask your friends to share news about your fundraiser. Instead, they’ll hear about your campaign and want to share it on their own.

Instead of asking your friends to share your fundraiser, empower them. Convince them that your fundraiser’s intentions are good and the rest will fall into place.

7) Reach out to local restaurants, coffee shops, and community gathering spots

Many fundraisers are created with the intention of helping a community of people. Some fundraisers go towards creating a local playground, for example, while other fundraisers help pay medical support for a valued member of the community. By reaching out to nearby community gathering spots, your community-oriented fundraiser can quickly gather the support it needs to be successful. Pin up notices at coffee shops and restaurants, for example, and watch the support pour in.

8) Reach out to local news outlets and publications

Social media plays an important role in the success of your fundraiser. But don’t forget about traditional media! Reach out to your local news station or community newspaper and explain the merits of your fundraiser. Ask them to cover your story or submit an editorial to your local newspaper. A small fundraiser can quickly snowball into something enormous once major media companies get involved.

9) Post on forums, social outlets, and other online spots

When it comes to telling people about your fundraiser online, it’s important to cover as many groups of people as possible. The internet has given us the ability to reach out to millions of people with just a single tweet or forum post. Use that ability to your advantage and post your fundraiser on forums, Facebook groups, and relevant social sites. Instead of copying and pasting your message across dozens of different blogs and sites, take the time to craft a personal message to each one.

10) Make it easy to give

No matter how noble your fundraiser may be, people will not donate their hard-earned money if they can’t figure out how to donate it. Invest time and effort into making it as easy as possible to donate to your fundraiser. Instead of asking your supporters to ‘mail a check’, for example, setup an online payment system.

At Bonfire, our goal is to make fundraising as easy as possible. When donating to a fundraiser on Bonfire, your supporters get a real, usable reward for their donation: a high-quality t-shirt that they actually want to wear. Donations are made using a credit card and the process is completely secure.

We’ve simplified the fundraising process and have made it as easy as possible for anyone to launch a fundraiser. Our efficient system gives your fundraiser the highest possible chance of success. So what are you waiting for? Start your fundraiser today!