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T-Shirts Help Pay Medical Bills Insurance Does Not Cover

Kacy and Dan Fundraiser

Millions of Americans do not have health insurance. However, even Americans that do have health insurance can end up paying costly medical bills.

Sometimes, insurance doesn’t cover certain medical treatments. In other cases, those covered by insurance must pay expensive deductibles or high co-pay amounts. Whether you’re covered by insurance or not, there may come a time in your life when you need to raise money to pay for medical care for yourself or a loved one. has helped countless people raise money to cover the costs of medical treatment. We’re always happy to help launch fundraisers in support of a good cause.

Here are just a few of the Bonfire fundraisers that were successfully able to raise money in support of medical treatments that were not covered by insurance:

A Miracle for Maggie 

Miracles for Maggie Shirt

The medical community is only beginning to see the potential of stem cell therapy. However, stem cell therapy is controversial. Many insurance companies do not cover stem cell treatment despite its proven lifesaving benefits.

Two-year old Maggie suffered a brain injury during birth due to a lack of oxygen.  As a result, Maggie was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which makes it difficult to swallow, crawl, talk, walk, and even breathe.

Maggie’s parents turned to a promising new procedure for assistance: stem cell therapy. Unfortunately, the closest stem cell therapy clinic was located in Panama City, Panama. Each treatment was expected to cost $15,250. Maggie’s parents aimed to achieve that fundraising goal before the end of 2013.

Bonfire helped Maggie’s cause by creating the following design on t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies:

66 shirts were sold in total. Each shirt was priced between $25 and $45. Over the course of the 30 day fundraiser, donations totaled $2,130.

Learn more about Maggie’s successful fundraiser here.

God’s Miracle On Earth: GianRaul 

GMO Shirt

GianRaul Moreno Olivo is a one year old boy who survived a serious brain injury at birth. Doctors could not find GianRaul’s heartbeat until 15 minutes after birth, and it took another 15 minutes for GianRaul to take his first voluntary breath.

GianRaul Moreno Olivo’s nickname is GMO. GMO’s family calls him God’s Miracle On Earth. Due to lack of oxygen at birth, GianRaul suffers from Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, and other serious conditions. Although there is no official cure for Cerebral Palsy, GianRaul’s parents were encouraged by the positive results of stem cell therapy.

As was the case with Maggie, GianRaul’s parents were dismayed to discover that their insurance did not cover stem cell therapy. As a result, they turned to Bonfire for support. We created the following t-shirt to support GianRaul’s fundraiser:

Due to the hard work of GMO’s parents and loved ones, his first fundraiser was able to sell 100 shirts for a fundraising total of $2,620.  

This past April, a new fund/shirt was launched selling 124 shirts bringing his fundraising total to $5,010!

The money was put towards the costs of GianRaul’s stem cell therapy along with the costs of travel and accommodations.

Hope for Hudsyn

Hope for Hudsyn

Hudsyn went without oxygen at birth. Like the other parents listed here, Hudsyn’s parents discovered that stem cell therapy could help treat Hudsyn’s condition. In September 2012 and July 2013, Hudsyn underwent “highly successful stem cell therapy.”

This therapy created new brain tissue and positive results. However, Hudsyn continues to require plenty of therapies and treatments. The next stage of Hudsyn’s treatment involved spending 3 weeks at the NAPA Center in Los Angeles, California, which is America’s premier clinic for intensive therapy.

Hudsyn's first Bonfire fund sold 349 shirts and raised $5,630!

During her second fund, 105 shirts were sold which helped raise another $1,695 in support of Hudsyn’s treatment.

And many more!

Stem cell therapy is changing the way we treat Cerebral Palsy and other brain conditions. Early results of stem cell therapy are promising. Just because a treatment isn’t covered by your medical insurance doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to save a life. At, we want to help anyone pay for the medical care they need – regardless of whether or not it’s covered by insurance.