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More than Just Cookies

Bonfire Shirts and Girl Scouts

Every year most of us support a local Girl Scout Troop by purchasing a few boxes of cookies.   But many people don’t know that those young ladies are out and about in their communities all year long, doing projects, building friendships, and learning valuable skills.  It’s not all about the Thin Mints!

We met Girl Scout Troop 51365 of Peters Township, PA, back in February, when they reached out to us about a fundraiser for their Bronze Award community service project.  The Bronze Award is a community outreach or improvement project that elevates Junior Girl Scouts to Cadettes.  Troop 51365 decided to tie their project in with Earth Day, by designing and handing out reusable shopping bags inside of a local, family-owned grocery store.  Brilliant idea!

The Bronze Award requires a minimum of 20 hours of planning time, so the first task at hand was finding a way to raise money to purchase the bags they would eventually customize and print.  They were excited to read about on the internet and quickly contacted us to start the process.  Within a short time the girls had designed their own “green-themed” shirt and got to work promoting their fundraiser.  They sought donations from family, friends, teachers, and coaches; it gave them an opportunity to share their cause in a number of ways – in person, over the phone, and via email. 

At the close of their fundraising campaign Troop 51365 earned $795 for their shopping bags and were able to hand them out to members of their community on Earth Day.  Shannon Smerbeck, the fund creator, summed up the day by saying, “We put a lot of smiles on people’s faces, including our own.  Plus, we looked great doing it in our t-shirts!” 

Feedback like this is what keeps us motivated.  We have an easy, fun, and creative platform that allows ANYONE, even a young Scout, to raise money for ANYTHING.  And there’s nothing like a cool t-shirt to bring a group together.  Well done Troop 51365!  We loved being part of your Bronze Award project and hope to help you out again one day!