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Keys to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Here at Bonfire we are often asked what makes for a successful online fundraiser.   We want this blog post to be able to serve as a resource for your campaign as a whole. 

Be passionate for your cause

A cause is only as good as the voices behind it.  Passion is something that is non-imitable and will give a sense of genuineness for your campaign.  What makes up some of the best fundraising campaigns on the planet are the people who are the most enthusiastic for their cause. 

Identify core values

Your core values shape your fundraising message.  They are in essence the foundation of what your campaign is all about. What are your campaign core values?  Is your campaign core value to help children fight cancer?  Maybe it’s to help your team have hope and inspiration.  We all have our own unique values for our campaign.  For Bonfire, one of our core values is the idea of “B Good.”  We are here to help others.  This is what drives us each and every day. 

Set milestones

Direction is key for any fundraising campaign.  Setting milestones provides you with a clear, visible goal-setting method.  This then allows you to identify your end goal.  Is your campaign goal to reach over 100 people?  Maybe your end goal is to raise $5,000.  Each campaign has different goals that they must meet.  Ultimately, you need to find out your tangible end goal.

Tell your story, start a movement

Throughout human history our ability to tell a story is an important part of our society.  Make sure to stand loud and proud for your own unique story.  Some of the best campaigns are the ones that inspire people and challenge them.  Maybe it has been your dream to become a missionary overseas.  Maybe your story is to help support a family that has lost a loved one.  All stories are important and should not go untold.  Some of the best ways to tell your story is through the use of videos, pictures, and powerful words.

Tell the world

You are now ready to move on to the final stage, spread your fundraising campaign to the world.  Make sure to build a supporter list of individuals who would willing to both buy shirts as well as sell shirts for you.  Reach out to anyone and everyone that you believe could help your cause.  Do not be afraid to reach out.  Contact local businesses, send out press releases, and send your fundraising story to blogs.  Bonfire provides all the tools to do just that.  Just go out and tell the world.