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It’s More Than Just a T-Shirt

What can you do with t-shirts?

T-shirts are one of the most popular pieces of human clothing in the world today. Celebrities wear them (and even sell them for outrageous prices…lookin’ at you Kanye). Middle class people wear them. Poor people wear them. People in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America wear them.

But the t-shirt is something that many of us don’t think about every day. That’s a mistake, because they can be a very powerful tool.

Companies can use t-shirts to brand themselves and create team spirit. Schools can use t-shirts to commemorate sports days or field trips. Families can use t-shirts to celebrate a family reunion. The only limit to the usage of t-shirts is your own creativity.

Why are t-shirts more than just t-shirts? Here are a few reasons why something as simple as a shirt can become so much more:

T-shirts at work

B DoveFosters team spirit: Giving out t-shirts to employees is an excellent way to foster team spirit. Instead of being a mixed up group of individuals wearing different clothing in different styles, everybody is united with the same common dress signals. There’s a reason many companies require employees to wear uniforms, and giving your employees a t-shirt is a less formal way to encourage team spirit and camaraderie.

Empower your employees: Wearing a t-shirt to work isn’t normal for most office jobs. However, if you tell your employees to wear t-shirts to work, then they might love you for it. T-shirts are comfortable and easy to wear. More importantly, wearing a t-shirt to work can be empowering for employees. It shows that you value your employees for what they are more than what they wear. Your employees will feel like they’ve “made it” because they no longer have to wear a monkey suit to work every day. This attitude is particularly popular for tech startups, but the lessons can be shared with any type of business.  

Reward tenured employees: If your company gives away t-shirts a few times per year, then before long, you’re going to have a lot of tenured employees with a large collection of old t-shirts. This is a great way to reward tenured employees. If you launched a product back in 2010, then only a select few employees might have that t-shirt. Want the 2010 product launch t-shirt? You had to be part of that launch to get one. It’s a friendly way of rewarding someone for their time at the company while also showing tenure and experience.

Branding: Your employees aren’t just going to wear t-shirts at work. They’re going to wear them at the gym, at the beach, and wherever else they go when they’re not at work. This is an excellent marketing opportunity for you because it turns your employees into walking billboards for your brand. Make sure each and every t-shirt you produce is a positive reflection on your brand because you never know who’s going to be seeing that t-shirt at some point in the future.

T-Shirts at Home

Godstrong Baseball GameRemembering loved ones: Shirts are a perfect way to celebrate the life of a lost loved one.  We’ve had many funds on Bonfire launch in memory of those who left this world too early.

Financing an adoption: Adoption can be extremely expensive - on average costing upwards of $40,000 for international adoptions here in the US.  Thousands of Bonfire shirts have helped people adopt from all over the world - from Albania to Zimbabwe and many countries in between.    

Help friends or family in need: Sometimes friends or family members can fall on hard times.  Whether it be costly medical bills or natural disaster relief, t-shirts have helped raise millions of dollars for those in need. 

Celebrate family reunions: Commemorate your family with custom shirts for your family reunions.  By using different colors and designs for each year, you can create a family tradition that looks good and brings everyone a little closer together.

T-shirts at school

Remember field trips and overseas excursions: Many schools use t-shirts to celebrate a recent field trip or an upcoming overseas excursion. These t-shirts will always remind kids of the positive memories made on that trip.Smile for Miles and Volleyballs

Reward students for anything: No matter what age your students may be, everybody appreciates a free t-shirt. T-shirts are a great way to reward students for their hard work, their fundraising efforts, or the extra hours they spent setting up a school event. A t-shirt is a small token of appreciation, but it’s something that kids will treasure.  

Custom t-shirts are limited edition: Custom t-shirts are limited edition by nature. Sure, you could possibly reproduce that design in the future, but most custom t-shirts only have one printing run. This gives all t-shirts in that run a limited edition status. Depending on the meaning behind that t-shirt, kids can wear that limited edition shirt with pride.  

Foster team spirit: Whether at work or at school, t-shirts foster team spirit. Buy t-shirts for a school sports team or a chess club. Instead of having a group of separate individuals doing different things, a few dozen t-shirts can turn that group of separate individuals into a cohesive team.  

Whether at school, work, or a family reunion, t-shirts are more than what they seem. Some t-shirts foster team spirit, while others just make people proud to work at a particular company or go to a particular school.

Ultimately, the t-shirt isn’t just the design on the front or the slogan across the back. Instead, it’s a symbol of something that was accomplished. A single t-shirt can bring back positive memories of a weekend, an event, a field trip, or a product launch at work.  At first glance, it’s just a t-shirt. But to the person wearing the t-shirt, it’s so much more.