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How to Use Crowdfunding to Raise Donations for a Kidney Transplant

According to UNOS, 100,299 patients are currently awaiting a transplant. More than 70% of those patients need kidney transplants.  The t-shirt picture is one campaign, "Donations to Freinds: Share a Spare" that Bonfire has helped.  For this campaign, donations will be raised for, Susie Waltrip, kidney donation to a friend, Linda Smith. 

1. Create A Free Online Fundraising Page  

Creating an online fundraising page is a great way to get your campaign funded.  Bonfire makes it easy to reach your target goal by helping you generate support for the causes that matter to you.

2. Tell Your Story 

Throughout human history our ability to tell a story is an important part of our society.  Make sure to stand loud and proud for your own unique story.  Some of the best campaigns are the ones that inspire people and challenge them. Kidney transplanets can cost up to $262,900 according to Transplant Living. Tell people your story and how you are going to reach your goal.

3. Share Your Cause and Recieve Donations 

You are now ready to move on to the final stage, spread your fundraising campaign to the world.  Make sure to build a supporter list of individuals who would willing to both buy shirts as well as sell shirts for you.  Reach out to anyone and everyone that you believe could help your cause.  Do not be afraid to reach out.  Contact local businesses, send out press releases, and send your fundraising story to blogs.  Bonfire provides all the tools to do just that.  Just go out and tell the world.