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How To Have A Successful Adoption Fundraising Campaign

Using Bonfire is a great way to raise money for your adoption fundraising campaign. Interested in some of the campaigns going on right now? Some of the MANY great campaigns include the Stout Adoption Fund, Josh and Denise Brown Adoption Fund, Craig and Erin's Adoption Fund, Bring Them Home!, and many more. So how do you go about having a successful fundraising campaign? Below is a list of the top ways to increase your chances of having a successful fundraising campaign.  

1. Share Your Story 

Sharing your story to people is vital!  Your story is what creates passion in people to donate to your cause.  Use both your Bonfire Fund’s campaign profile, as well as your own personal profile to tell that story.  We recommend making sure at a minimum to write 2-3 paragraphs to get your story across to readers.  In addition to words, pictures are a great way to tell a story in a more visual manner.  Stuck on the best way to tell your story?  Just reach out to our team and we will help guide you on the best way to tell your story.

2. Tell The World

After telling your story, it is now time to tell the world!  Share your fundraising campaign page to your friends, local businesses, Facebook pages, Twitter, and anywhere where your voice can be heard.  We'll even feature your fundraising campaign on our blog!  Everyone here at Bonfire are more than happy to provide you with the tools to help you succeed. 

3. Universal Design 

So you have an awesome story and you are ready to tell the world, but what about the t-shirt design?  It is important to make sure your t-shirt design reflects the awesome story of your campaign.  Here at Bonfire we recommend the use of universal designs.  Universal designs are the use of images or ideas that can be recognizable by a broader audience, ensuring that you will have a larger pool of potential donators.  In addition, by having a universal design, it creates an opportunity for local business to help out your cause while also supporting their own company.  This can be done by placing your t-shirt design with the logo a local business who wants to help out.  

Want to learn more about Bonfire?  Have an adoption fundraising campaign in mind?  Get started here