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How Custom T-Shirts Can Help With Your Pet’s Vet Bills

Veterinary bills are an unavoidable part of owning a pet. From minor vaccinations to intensive surgeries, veterinary bills can also be surprisingly expensive. Today, many pet owners simply cannot afford to cover veterinary expenses, which can lead to some heartbreaking decisions. 

That’s why more and more pet owners are launching fundraising campaigns in support of their pets. Today, pet owners around the world are using fundraising campaigns to cover expensive vet bills. These pet owners receive support from family, friends, and complete strangers on the internet.

At Bonfire, we’ve made it easy to setup a fundraiser in support of your pet. Our risk-free fundraising process rewards your contributors with a t-shirt they actually want to wear. Our users have been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of various causes through our site. And best of all - it doesn’t cost anything to get started.

Here’s how you can use custom t-shirts to help with vet bills:

  1. You start your fund by going here. You write a message that tells potential contributors about your pet and its veterinary expenses.  
  2. Use our online t-shirt design tool to design a shirt your supporters will love.
  3. Share your fundraiser page with friends, family, social media, and any other potential support you can find online.
  4. As long as you reach your minimum sales goal, we send you 100% of all t-shirt proceeds as well as manufacture the t-shirts and mail them to each one of your contributors.


That’s it! Our fundraising process is designed to be fast, easy, and effective. It’s risk-free because, if the

is never reached, then none of your contributors are charged and the t-shirts are never made. Unlike other types of fundraisers - like charity events or gift auctions - you don’t have to sell a certain amount of inventory in order to break even.

This innovative fundraising system has helped pet owners all across the country raise money to cover costly veterinary bills. Here are two stories of dog and cat lovers who were able to pay for lifesaving veterinary treatment with the help of fundraising:

Saving Paws Animal Rescue 

Saving Paws is an animal shelter based in White Plains, New York. Saving Paws is home to dozens of cats and dogs currently seeking adopted homes. As a no-kill animal shelter run entirely by volunteers, Saving Paws relies on the generosity of others in order to stay operational.

With the help of, Saving Paws was able to raise nearly $1000 to cover veterinary expenses. A number of the pets adopted by Saving Paws require lifesaving surgeries, and due to the hard work and fundraising efforts of the Saving Paws volunteers, these dogs and cats are still alive today and have found homes with loving families. 

Bonnie Blue Rescue

Bonnie Blue Fundraiser T-ShirtBonnie Blue Rescue is an excellent pet shelter that focuses on pulling dogs from kill shelters and finding them a ‘forever home’. Based in Connecticut, Bonnie Blue Rescue has helped save the lives of thousands of dogs while giving them the loving families they deserve. In 2012, Bonnie Blue Rescue was hit with an outbreak of Parvovirus. In an effort to save all of the animals in the shelter, the shelter went into major debt. One of the shelter’s volunteers launched a fundraiser in support of Bonnie Blue Rescue. T-shirts featured a paw print next to a simple slogan: “Adopt Happiness”. With the help of, Bonnie Blue Rescue was able to raise over $2,000 to cover veterinary bills and upkeep costs.  

If you’re the type of person who sees their pet as a valuable member of the family, then veterinary expenses are unavoidable. With the help of, any pet owner can raise support for their cause and generate enough t-shirt sales to cover costly veterinary bills. Whether running an animal shelter or covering vet bills for the family pet, want to help.