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Hope For Noah

Q: Why did you start your campaign?

A: Honestly, we never dreamt we would be selling t-shirts and raising funds for an adoption. We already have 2 precious children and lead full lives but in March 2012 we heard the whispers of adoption and began to talk about rescuing a child from an orphanage. A year later, we've come full circle and found a picture of a boy from China that will change our lives forever. We reviewed his file, photos and 2 short videos and the idea of adopting him from China-out of an orphanage-felt like what we were meant to do. 

Luke and I have talked a lot about fundraising.  There really isn't anything "fun" about it!  We had been looking for a reputable company to sell shirts to raise awareness and money for Noah's adoption and then discovered Bonfire on Facebook.  A friend of a friend had launched a campaign also adoption-related.  We loved their shirts and the story.  We also loved the premise of Bonfire and it seemed like a no-brainer.

Q: What is your campaign’s story?

A: Noah was abandoned at 3 months old because he has albinism (a disorder characterized by the lack of pigment) in a culture that rejects his different appearance. We were so drawn to him-his white hair, blue eyes and big smile that we have decided to take a leap of faith and become his forever family. 

Luke and I completed the application for the agency that had Noah's file and received pre-approval from China to proceed with the adoption on Good Friday, March 29, 2013 which just so happened to be my 30th birthday.  Probably one of the greatest gifts I could have received.

We're now completing our Home Study and expect to be waiting for the next 5 months as documents are translated into Mandarin Chinese and processed in China.  The entire process of adopting Noah will take 9-12 months from start to finish and we so look forward to the day we travel and complete this journey.

Q: What is the core message that you want to come across to readers?

A: The fact that Noah has albinism makes others not want to adopt him. It deems him special needs and sets him up for a lifetime of challenges with vision and sun exposure regardless of what country he lives in.  To many Chinese he has "a curse from God".  People with albinism are treated very poorly in China, not given proper care and released into the streets at age 16.  Not Noah. We truly believe that God called us to adopt him.

Hope For Noah is an opportunity to give a little boy a life he'd never have.  It's a forever family, a mommy, daddy, big sister and little brother that will love and nurture him no matter what.  

We've been overwhelmed by the response to our blog ( and this fundraiser.  I would like to thank Melody Munn of Melody Joy Designs/Munn Brothers for her handwork and amazing t-shirt design for Noah.

Q: If you reach your fundraising goal, can you give us an idea of how you will spend the donations? 

A: We were very excited to make our minimum goal on Day 4 by selling 50 shirts.  Our personal fundraising goal was to raise at least $1,000 to cover the next step in Noah's adoption.  We expect the entire adoption to cost $22-28,000.