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Crowdfunding for Community

Bonfire crowdfunding communities

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last couple of years, it’s that crowdfunding is a surefire way to bring people together.   The interesting part, however, is learning what really defines a “community.”  When most people talk about their communities, they’re often referring to the people who live or work in a common area – a neighborhood or a particular part of a city or town.

Thousands of diverse crowdfunding campaigns have taught us that “community” refers to much more than where you are on a map.  Common interests, challenges, goals, and passions are all part of it.  It’s not just the people you wave to when you walk your dog in the morning; sometimes you’re part of a community without even knowing it…

Here at Bonfire, we see communities come together every day.  People who don’t even know each other, who live in different states – and sometimes different countries – will rally together to support a common cause.  One person decides to raise awareness about a medical condition, a friend’s adoption efforts, or sadly, a tragic event.  In the blink of an eye the word spreads and that one person has the support of thousands.  Yes, it’s possible for an individual to make a huge impact.  We’ve seen it happen.

Close-knit communities

What about the “Hope for Hudsyn” campaign?  One mom decides to tell her family’s story and raise money for her daughter’s stem cell therapy.  Not only does she raise awareness about her daughter’s condition and treatment options, she gains support from other people who are experiencing the same challenges, and in turn she helps support them.  She gains a lot of cheerleaders and becomes a cheerleader for others.  She helps ignite a crowdfunding spark within a close-knit community.

Adoption and family communities

The adoption community is very similar.  You don’t have to know a family personally to understand what they’re going though.  Whether it’s disappointment in not being able to have biological children, or simply being passionate about giving an orphan a lifelong family, adoption is a journey that touches many.  When people “get what you’re feeling” they want to reach out and help.

The running community

Perhaps the most amazing example of community surrounds a recent fund benefiting the family of Meg Menzies.  Meg was tragically killed on January 13th while on her morning run.  Within days, tens of thousands of dollars had been pledged to her family through our website, while social media was exploding with people giving their commitment to run in her memory.  Who knew the running community was that strong?  Who knew that a story from a small Virginia town could touch people all around the world?

Communities are a powerful thing, and we’ve learned that crowdfunding can make them bigger and stronger.  How will you bring yours together?