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Craig and Erin

Show Love Bonfire Shirts

Love is one of the most powerful elements of this world. It is a universal language that can support, nurture and protect. Erin Insley and her husband Craig are on a journey to show love, to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves."  Craig and Erin's Adoption Fund is a story of a Family adopting their son in South Africa.

In asking Erin why her adoption fundraising campaign was started she replied, "we started our campaign to help raise financial support for our travel expenses to, from, and while in South Africa for the adoption of our 2 year old son. Adoption isn't a 'new' thing but it isn't as common as people think it is (at least over the past few years, adoption rates in and out of the US have dropped significantly). We've found that there are many people who wanted to help with our adoption in some way, and we decided that tee-shirts would be a fun way for people to donate funds and get something cool in return."

A powerful story of love creates the passion to move forward to create good in the world.  Erin stated that their story is, "after a few years struggling with infertility, we began our journey of adoption in May 2012. As of February 2013, we are approved to adopt from Ethiopia and are currently on the waiting-list to adopt 1 or 2 children from Ethiopia (NE Africa). Meanwhile, a little boy on the waiting list in South Africa stole our hearts and we are now in the process of bringing him home! “M” is a 2 year old boy with Down Syndrome. He is adorable and funny. In order to complete our adoption of 'M' from South Africa, we will need to stay in South Africa for 5-6 weeks to attend court and complete visa/passport paperwork for him. Upon his arrival home this fall, 'M' will need to receive quite a few surgeries to ensure his physical health."

When asked what their core message is Erin stated "we want people to see how amazing and life changing adoption can be. The process is long and strenuous, but the outcome is incredible. Orphaned and abandoned children who are matched with individuals and couples who yearn to be parents (and are sometimes unable to conceive themselves). Showing your support for orphans throughout the world doesn't necessarily mean adopting or fostering children themselves, sometimes it simply means supporting those families and individuals who have chosen to grow their family through the process of adoption."

Erin and Craig’s goal is to raise $4,000 to help with the cost of their international flights to and from South Africa (with a one-way flight for their son home).  How will you show love in the world?