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Bring Them Home!

What does it look like for three different people to collectively fundraise for adoption? "Bring Them Home!" is a campaign telling just that story, it is a story of three families collectively working together to bring a future family member home.  To tell this campaign's story, we got a chance to speak with James Barrett about the fundraising campaign created for Chris Massie, Blair Nelson, and Jennifer Merchan.  Chris, Blair, and Jennifer are adopting from DR Congo, Ethiopia, and Columbia, respectively.  

In speaking with why the campaign was started, James stated, "Snagajob is a tight nit community with a passion for giving back to the community. Chris Massie, one of my colleagues, was telling us how he and his wife were adopting a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo and how excited they were.  I didn’t realize until weeks later how expensive the process could be for them.  Each international adoption can cost about $30,000 and up to 3 years from starting the process to bringing a child home.  So we talked to Snagger Services (HR) about hosting a poker tournament to benefit Chris’ adoption and found out that two other Snaggers (Blair Nelson and Jennifer Merchan) were also adopting from abroad.  So we put our heads together to come up with various fundraising opportunities and t-shirt sales was one of them.  We engaged our graphic designer and came up with a t-shirt design that is not specific to Snagajob or the adopting parents but emphasizes supporting international adoption."

Every Bonfire campaign has a core message.  James stated, "Our goal is to raise awareness of how much international adoption costs.  We want to help offset some of those costs for Chris, Blair, and Jennifer.  International adoption is a true labor of love.  These folks are sacrificing their time and money to bring their adoptive children home.  These are kids who were abandoned on the streets without any hope for a normal childhood.  They have limited access to things we take for granted like food, clothes, shelter, and an education.  Chris, Blair, and Jennifer were not deterred by the difficulties of international adoption and are not looking for a handout.  The least we can do is buy a pretty awesome t-shirt."

A fundraising goal provides the financial direction that the campaign aims for.  "I guess our overall fundraising goal is $90k (3 * $30k)," stated James.  "That is pretty unlikely.  So anything we can do to help offset those costs is going to be helpful.  So regardless of how much we make, Chris, Blair, and Jennifer will split the donations equally and apply those donations to their expected $30k costs.  Those costs include international flights, hotels, legal fees (both here and abroad), a visa for the child, etc."