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Be Cool To Your School

A recent article by Philanthropy News Digest states that giving to colleges and universities was essentially flat in 2012 compared to 2011.

This isn’t exactly shocking since most institutions rely heavily on alumni giving.   In a tough economy, even the proudest alum can’t always fork over a big chunk of money to his or her alma mater. 

A lot of people may shy away from giving because they feel like they aren’t able to give enough.  Sure, on the surface a $1000 gift from an individual is “better” than a $15 gift.  But how many recent grads have a cool grand lying around?  My guess is not many.  A better question is this:  how many recent grads have ten friends from college, who also have ten friends from college, who all love their school and want to give back in some way?  And how many of those college buddies love showing their school pride by wearing cool t-shirts?

My guess is all of them.  If one person creates a t-shirt fundraiser through Bonfire, then gets all of his buddies to jump on the bandwagon by buying a shirt and spreading the word, each individual’s small donation quickly turns into one big one.  If the school gets a nice chunk of change, what does it matter if it comes from 1 generous donor, or a whole lot of budget-conscious ones?  At the end of the day, you’re supporting your school and getting a comfortable, custom-designed shirt in return. 

We make School Fundraisers Easy

So you might be thinking that buying a shirt or hoodie from the school bookstore accomplishes the same thing.  Well, maybe…  But what if you want your donation to support a particular department or fund at your school?  If you’re a former athlete, you might want to designate your team as the beneficiary.  If you were a theater major, perhaps you want the proceeds to go to a scholarship fund for budding thespians.  When you create the fund you tell us where the money goes, plain and simple.  That’s not an option at the bookstore.

Bonfire has had several successful school fundraisers in the last year.  School loyalty is HUGE, and a cause can spread like wildfire when devoted alumni take to email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Give it a shot!  You have absolutely nothing to lose, but lots to gain for your school.