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Bald Chicks Rock

Providing hope and assistance to families of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses is what CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation is all about. In speaking with the fund creator, Roger Reynolds, he stated, “we make unbearable situations a little more bearable.  We don’t fix anything; we just assist to provide hope and to make the situation a little bit better. It’s amazing how it helps people’s minds.”  

Children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses are beautiful both inward and out. In asking Roger how the slogan “Bald Chicks Rock” came about he stated, "When our daughter, Charlotte Jennie began losing her hair due to the toxic chemicals used to fight her large aggressive brain tumor, we didn't want it to become any more traumatic than it had to be. We did things like save her hair in a plastic bag so that we could give it to the squirrels to use for their nests.  We also had an adult friend, Megan, who was going through her own cancer struggle and lost her hair at about the same time as Charlotte."

Megan's mother heard about Charlotte and stitched matching shirts for both of them that read, "bald chicks rock!"

In asking Roger why the Bonfire Fund was created, Roger replied, “We do not want people to just buy shirts. When Charlotte’s hair fell out we didn’t want her to be afraid.   We ultimately want to make "bald chicks" feel better.  They are still beautiful for being just who they are.”  Every child is a precious gift, one fun fact Roger recalled is that the Reynolds family would always go to Costco.  When shopping, Charlotte would always ask for pizza and ice cream.  Based on this precious memory, Roger is in the process of making a music video that will be filmed at a local Costco featuring a song containing Charlotte’s two favorite Costco items, pizza and ice cream.  The video will be filmed this July.

In terms of donations, $15 of every shirt purchased will go to help out families who are facing the worst nightmare anyone can imagine. “It's more than just money.  It's knowing that you're not alone. It's hope,” stated Roger. The foundation does this by providing meals and support for the families.  Interested in learning more or how to get involved with the foundation?  Check out their website here for more information.