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Baby Durham is Finally Home

Jon & Carly met while going to school at Texas A&M and fell in love on a mission trip to Kenya. They’ve been married for 6 years.  Jon & Carly

Both Jon and Carly have a passion for child care and want to adopt children with special needs and other medical conditions. They feel that God has shown these children love and protection and they deserve to have a loving family that provides the same protection.

In Ukraine, children with developmental conditions face a harsh future. After the ages of 4 or 5, these children are often sent to adult mental institutions. They are expected to live out the rest of their lives at these mental institutions if they are not adopted.

To prevent this from happening to one more child, Jon and Carly launched a Bonfire fundraiser. The fundraiser aimed to raise enough money to adopt a child from Ukraine.

The fundraiser was titled “Bring Home Baby Durham.” The shirt design looked like this:

Baby Durham Fundraiser Shirt

The t-shirt design features some simple images and text. The backdrop is a map of Ukraine featuring the country’s two national colors: blue and yellow. Over top of the design we’ve placed the word “LOVE”.

Shirt prices were set at $20.00 and the fundraiser was scheduled to last for 10 days. Carly was initially hesitant about the online t-shirt fundraiser because she didn’t think they could sell 50 t-shirts in such a brief period of time.

First Durham Family Photo

After launching the fundraiser, Carly went to the kitchen to make herself a bowl of soup. Two minutes later, she returned to her computer and found that 2 t-shirts had already been sold. It was the beginning of something special.

Over just a single day, the Bring Home Baby Durham fundraiser achieved the following results:

151 shirts sold, $9381.00 raised, 911 Facebook likes and 38 Facebook shares!

By the time the fundraiser was over, Carly had raised $14,246 in support of her adoption goals. The fundraiser was more successful than Carly had ever expected. Carly made a blog post explaining the wild success of her fundraiser and the outpouring of support she received from friends, family, and strangers over the 10 day fundraising period.

After the fundraiser was complete, Jon and Carly travelled to Ukraine and completed all the necessary paperwork to adopt a child. Their “Little Man” – as they called their new baby boy – officially has a family. At Jon and Carly’s blog , Carly writes: “I am now the mom of the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD.”

Jon and Carly adopted a child and saved a life. is proud to have helped Jon and Carly achieve their fundraising goals and raise over $14,000 in support of a fantastic cause.