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Anna Kate - The Warrior Princess

Anna Kate Wenz Warrior PrincessWe first got to hear the story of Anna Kate Wenz when her Aunt, Megan designed a shirt on to raise money for her beloved niece who had just been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

Still unsure of what the tumor was and what treatment would be necessary, Megan knew her sister’s family was starting a fight that would come with emotional and financial difficulties, to say the least.

As of April 23, we know that the tumor has been diagnosed as Medulloblastoma, a type of cancer that originates in the back of the brain, between the cerebellum and the brain stem. Anna Kate recently underwent emergency surgery and started chemotherapy to combat the cancer that has spread down her spine.

The shirt that Megan designed, she hoped would serve as a way for her sister’s friends, family, and neighboring communities to rally together in prayer and support of Anna Kate. Shirt sales would also provide a source of donations to help with the medical costs that would accompany the doctor’s visits and treatments that were already underway.

The community responded with overwhelming support for the beautiful Anna Kate. The fund sold 472 shirts and raised over $5,000 in just 2 weeks time. The loving community in Martin, TN has since raised thousands more through other online donations, and fundraising events like A Day for Anna Kate. The Wenz family has started calling their daughter the Warrior Princess. At the event, there was a sea of pink shirts that read “Anna Kate’s Princess Warriors” adorned by the hundreds of supporters that came out. Also in attendance were 10 Disney Princesses to bring smiles to all the young faces in the crowd. The road to recovery is tough, but if one thing has been made clear, it’s that the Wenz family certainly isn’t alone in this.

A Day for Anna Kate Race Day

The guest of honor was unable to attend the event as treatment had begun the night before, but her parents Mike and Jennifer took her around the hospital’s campus to take in the smell of all the different flowers. According to her mother, Anna Kate is a lover of flowers.

From the BonfireFunds team here in Richmond, VA, we wish the Wenz family all the best on this road back to good health. We think the town of Martin, TN would echo us when we say that we will hold fast to hope and wait for pictures of the day when Anna Kate is in the flower bed playing with her mother again.


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