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  1. BELIEVE - IRONMAN for Mulitple Myeloma

    Q: Why did you start your campaign?

    A: I came to Bonfire to help my campaign raise money for multiple myeloma. I have never done fundraising before this campaign.  Let me just say this now, I am amazed at the power of asking people for help.  I have learned that you get so much more than what you put in. It has definitely been an amazing journey!  Originally, I was just going to compete in the  2013 Florida Ironman competition scheduled for Nov. 2.  However, my friend convinced me to join the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation PowerTeam, which carries with it a minimum commitment of $4,000 in donations.

    Q: What is your campaign’s story?

    A: When I was 14 years old I watched Julie Moss crawl the last 30 yards of the Hawaii IRONMAN and it blew me away.  I've wanted to do that race ever since.  Three weeks after signing up to raise money for MMRF in my first ever IRONMAN  later this year,  I got some shocking news..... the top fundraiser would win a spot in the 2014 Hawaii IRONMAN!  From that moment I've been able to think about little else.  I knew this was my moment, I have to throw everything I have at this to make my dream come true. And the best part is, If I fall short, I'll know I did everything I could to raise a ton of money for a really great cause.  That's a win/win if there ever was one.  If you feel moved to help this 44 year old mother of two reach a long time dream AND support a great cause, please buy a t-shirt.  It all adds up!  Check out my website for more info! 

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  2. Hope For Noah

    Q: Why did you start your campaign?

    A: Honestly, we never dreamt we would be selling t-shirts and raising funds for an adoption. We already have 2 precious children and lead full lives but in March 2012 we heard the whispers of adoption and began to talk about rescuing a child from an orphanage. A year later, we've come full circle and found a picture of a boy from China that will change our lives forever. We reviewed his file, photos and 2 short videos and the idea of adopting him from China-out of an orphanage-felt like what we were meant to do. 

    Luke and I have talked a lot about fundraising.  There really isn't anything "fun" about it!  We had been looking for a reputable company to sell shirts to raise awareness and money for Noah's adoption and then discovered Bonfire on Facebook.  A friend of a friend had launched a campaign also adoption-related.  We loved their shirts and the story.  We also loved the premise of Bonfire and it seemed like a no-brainer.

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  3. More than Just Cookies

    Bonfire Shirts and Girl Scouts

    Every year most of us support a local Girl Scout Troop by purchasing a few boxes of cookies.   But many people don’t know that those young ladies are out and about in their communities all year long, doing projects, building friendships, and learning valuable skills.  It’s not all about the Thin Mints!

    We met Girl Scout Troop 51365 of Peters Township, PA, back in February, when they reached out to us about a fundraiser for their Bronze Award community service project.  The Bronze Award is a community outreach or improvement project that elevates Junior Girl Scouts to Cadettes.  Troop 51365 decided to tie their project in with Earth Day, by designing and handing out reusable shopping bags inside of a local, family-owned grocery store.  Brilliant idea!

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  4. How to Use Crowdfunding to Raise Donations for a Kidney Transplant

    According to UNOS, 100,299 patients are currently awaiting a transplant. More than 70% of those patients need kidney transplants.  The t-shirt picture is one campaign, "Donations to Freinds: Share a Spare" that Bonfire has helped.  For this campaign, donations will be raised for, Susie Waltrip, kidney donation to a friend, Linda Smith. 

    1. Create A Free Online Fundraising Page  

    Creating an online fundraising page is a great way to get your campaign funded.  Bonfire makes it easy to reach your target goal by helping you generate support for the causes that matter to you.

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  5. Shirts for Uganda

    We got an opportunity to catch up with Molly Greenfield!  Molly created a Bonfire fund to help pay for her mission trip to Uganda.  See what she had to say about her awesome fundraising campaign.   Also, you can check out her campaign at the following link:

    Q:   Why did you start your campaign?

    A:   I started my campaign with Bonfire because I knew that I could not only raise funds for Empower a Child, but I could also advertise the Hope of Africa through these shirts. I needed to raise $3,000 to fund my trip, my stay, and the ministry of Empower A Child.  Outside of donations, these programs remain running because of the volunteers that come from all over the world to spend anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years or more on site.  I will be in Uganda for 6 weeks this coming summer.

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