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  1. Bald Chicks Rock

    Providing hope and assistance to families of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses is what CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation is all about. In speaking with the fund creator, Roger Reynolds, he stated, “we make unbearable situations a little more bearable.  We don’t fix anything; we just assist to provide hope and to make the situation a little bit better. It’s amazing how it helps people’s minds.”  

    Children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses are beautiful both inward and out. In asking Roger how the slogan “Bald Chicks Rock” came about he stated, "When our daughter, Charlotte Jennie began losing her hair due to the toxic chemicals used to fight her large aggressive brain tumor, we didn't want it to become any more traumatic than it had to be. We did things like save her hair in a plastic bag so that we could give it to the squirrels to use for their nests.  We also had an adult friend, Megan, who was going through her own cancer struggle and lost her hair at about the same time as Charlotte."

    Megan's mother heard about Charlotte and stitched matching shirts for both of them that read, "bald chicks rock!"

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  2. Crowdfunding Success Stories

    Have you ever used crowfunding to raise money for your cause?  Bonfire is proud to say we help causes get funded every day.   Whether you need to raise money for an adoption, a mission trip, a pet adoption, or any kind of cause, we can help.

    Curious what a successful online fundraising campaign may look like?  See some great success stories below of how crowdfunding helped these great causes raise funds!

    "My best friends recommended so I took a look at the site and did some research.  From start to finish the Bonfire team was simply amazing. The entire process, from setting up my fund's profile, to designing our T-Shirt logo with the graphics team, and finally spreading the word on our project through e-mails and social media was seamless. Each and everyone of my friends loved the feel, look and quality of their T-Shirt. They complimented on how easy it was to pay for the shirt and make their donation. Finally, the best part was receiving the thank you letter from Susan G. Komen in the mail just the other day. We raised and donated $795.00 and we could not have done it without BonfireFunds.Com!! I can not wait to work with them again" - Ali 

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  3. Craig and Erin

    Show Love Bonfire Shirts

    Love is one of the most powerful elements of this world. It is a universal language that can support, nurture and protect. Erin Insley and her husband Craig are on a journey to show love, to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves."  Craig and Erin's Adoption Fund is a story of a Family adopting their son in South Africa.

    In asking Erin why her adoption fundraising campaign was started she replied, "we started our campaign to help raise financial support for our travel expenses to, from, and while in South Africa for the adoption of our 2 year old son. Adoption isn't a 'new' thing but it isn't as common as people think it is (at least over the past few years, adoption rates in and out of the US have dropped significantly). We've found that there are many people who wanted to help with our adoption in some way, and we decided that tee-shirts would be a fun way for people to donate funds and get something cool in return."

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  4. Bring Them Home!

    What does it look like for three different people to collectively fundraise for adoption? "Bring Them Home!" is a campaign telling just that story, it is a story of three families collectively working together to bring a future family member home.  To tell this campaign's story, we got a chance to speak with James Barrett about the fundraising campaign created for Chris Massie, Blair Nelson, and Jennifer Merchan.  Chris, Blair, and Jennifer are adopting from DR Congo, Ethiopia, and Columbia, respectively.  

    In speaking with why the campaign was started, James stated, "Snagajob is a tight nit community with a passion for giving back to the community. Chris Massie, one of my colleagues, was telling us how he and his wife were adopting a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo and how excited they were.  I didn’t realize until weeks later how expensive the process could be for them.  Each international adoption can cost about $30,000 and up to 3 years from starting the process to bringing a child home.  So we talked to Snagger Services (HR) about hosting a poker tournament to benefit Chris’ adoption and found out that two other Snaggers (Blair Nelson and Jennifer Merchan) were also adopting from abroad.  So we put our heads together to come up with various fundraising opportunities and t-shirt sales was one of them.  We engaged our graphic designer and came up with a t-shirt design that is not specific to Snagajob or the adopting parents but emphasizes supporting international adoption."

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  5. How To Have A Successful Adoption Fundraising Campaign

    Using Bonfire is a great way to raise money for your adoption fundraising campaign. Interested in some of the campaigns going on right now? Some of the MANY great campaigns include the Stout Adoption Fund, Josh and Denise Brown Adoption Fund, Craig and Erin's Adoption Fund, Bring Them Home!, and many more. So how do you go about having a successful fundraising campaign? Below is a list of the top ways to increase your chances of having a successful fundraising campaign.  

    1. Share Your Story 

    Sharing your story to people is vital!  Your story is what creates passion in people to donate to your cause.  Use both your Bonfire Fund’s campaign profile, as well as your own personal profile to tell that story.  We recommend making sure at a minimum to write 2-3 paragraphs to get your story across to readers.  In addition to words, pictures are a great way to tell a story in a more visual manner.  Stuck on the best way to tell your story?  Just reach out to our team and we will help guide you on the best way to tell your story.

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