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  1. How Custom T-Shirts Can Help With Your Pet’s Vet Bills

    Veterinary bills are an unavoidable part of owning a pet. From minor vaccinations to intensive surgeries, veterinary bills can also be surprisingly expensive. Today, many pet owners simply cannot afford to cover veterinary expenses, which can lead to some heartbreaking decisions. 

    That’s why more and more pet owners are launching fundraising campaigns in support of their pets. Today, pet owners around the world are using fundraising campaigns to cover expensive vet bills. These pet owners receive support from family, friends, and complete strangers on the internet.

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  2. 4 Reasons to Use Bonfire To Help Friends During Their Time of Need

    We all have friends that have fallen on tough times. Too many times, it can feel like there is no good way to help a friend during their time of need. What do you say to ease the pain? What can you do to help?

    That's why Bonfire can help.  Use the power of crowdsourced funding to create a supporter base that can help a friend when they need it most. Bonfire organizes online fundraising contributions and rewards contributors with a t-shirt so comfortable that they will actually want to wear it.

    Dozens have already created life changing fundraising campaigns for friends and relatives. Some campaigns are used to pay for a lifesaving medical operation that won’t be covered by insurance, for example, while other campaigns are used to fund animal shelters or community organizations.

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  3. Top 10 Ways to Engage The World and Make Your Fundraiser a Success

    A successful fundraiser can change someone’s life. At Bonfire, we see successful fundraisers change lives every single day. Today, we’re going to show you how to make your fundraiser as successful as possible by engaging the world:

    1) Define a clear call to action

    In the marketing world, defining a clear call to action is incredibly important. In order for your fundraiser to be successful, you need to approach it from a marketing perspective. When you define a clear call to action, you make it easy for supporters to understand where your fundraiser is going and what it needs in order to get there.

    What is a clear call to action? When telling others about your fundraiser, you want to define the exact action you want them to take.

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  4. Fundraising Helps New Parents Afford the High Costs of Adoption

    Adopting a child can be expensive, and many parents find it financially taxing to pay for all the costs themselves.

    That’s where we can help. Bonfire has helped many couples adopt babies from all over the world. Today, the average adoption costs between $20,000 to $30,000. Some parents choose to adopt babies from the United States, while others choose to adopt from China, Ethiopia, Russia, South Korea, and other countries with well-established adoption institutions.

    You don’t have to look far on our website to find parents who have successfully fundraised their adoption campaign with comfy t-shirts. The Stout Family was able to fund the adoption of a Thai child, for example, and raised over $1,000 before their fund closed. Meanwhile, high school sweethearts Craig and Erin were able to grow their family by adopting a South African child.

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  5. Mandell School DR Service Trip 2013

    Mandell School Trip

    What would it look like for a world of responsible, active citizens to come together to make a difference?  The Mandell School believes it starts here, with you. 

    The Mandell School was founded in 1939 by Max Mandell, a pioneer in early childhood education.  The school is committed to providing a nurturing educational environment for children and their families, which through intellectual stimulation and emotional support, enables them to become responsible active citizens of the world.  

    Mandell’s teachers, students, and staff have been visiting Orfanato Niños de Cristo in the Dominican Republic since 2009.  When The Mandell School travels to the orphanage they spend time with the children where they participate in a variety of activities such as singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and volleyball.  In addition to spending quality time with the children at the orphanage, the Mandell community has also been able to provide much needed supplies to the children of Orfanato Niños de Cristo, including food, clothing, toiletries, books and medical supplies. 

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