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  1. GODSTRONG: How One Family Raised $24,590 for Cancer Treatment

    Godstrong tshirt

    Nearly everybody knows someone who has been affected by cancer. It’s one of the leading causes of death in countries around the world.

    As the world works to find a cure for cancers, families are forced to pay for the expensive medical treatments. Such was the case with the Strebe family.

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  2. Crowdfunding for Community

    Bonfire crowdfunding communities

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last couple of years, it’s that crowdfunding is a surefire way to bring people together.   The interesting part, however, is learning what really defines a “community.”  When most people talk about their communities, they’re often referring to the people who live or work in a common area – a neighborhood or a particular part of a city or town.

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  3. It’s More Than Just a T-Shirt

    What can you do with t-shirts?

    T-shirts are one of the most popular pieces of human clothing in the world today. Celebrities wear them (and even sell them for outrageous prices…lookin’ at you Kanye). Middle class people wear them. Poor people wear them. People in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America wear them.

    But the t-shirt is something that many of us don’t think about every day. That’s a mistake, because they can be a very powerful tool.

    Companies can use t-shirts to brand themselves and create team spirit. Schools can use t-shirts to commemorate sports days or field trips. Families can use t-shirts to celebrate a family reunion. The only limit to the usage of t-shirts is your own creativity.

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  4. 10 Ways YOU Can Raise Money for Shaka & FRIENDS

    Fundraising these days is fun, social, and rewarding, but it’s not always easy!  It’s challenging to come up with creative ways to reach new supporters and avoid that mid-campaign lull. 

    Well today’s your lucky day.  We’ve come up with some cool new ways to bring attention to your Shaka and FRIENDS fundraiser so you’re primed and ready to raise a TON of money and awareness for this awesome organization! 

    If doing some good for a great cause isn’t motivation enough, the cool incentives tied to his campaign should seal the deal…  Try one, try ‘em all, or come up with your own crazy strategies!

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  5. Getting our hands dirty with HandsOn RVA

    Hands On Day with Bonfire

    1 Day. 1,000 Volunteers. People at the center of change. 

    Bonfire recently had the amazing opportunity to help support a great cause - HandsOn Day 2013.

    Signature Bonfire t-shirts were provided for all participants in this year's HandsOn Day, an annual local event that aims to make Richmond a better place by organizing 1,000 volunteers on one Saturday in October.

    Bonfire joined Altria, UPS and Target in bringing prearranged volunteer opportunities consisting of fifty projects that span several sectors including non-profit, government, community organizations, and schools to the metro Richmond Area.

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