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4 Reasons to Use Bonfire To Help Friends During Their Time of Need

We all have friends that have fallen on tough times. Too many times, it can feel like there is no good way to help a friend during their time of need. What do you say to ease the pain? What can you do to help?

That's why Bonfire can help.  Use the power of crowdsourced funding to create a supporter base that can help a friend when they need it most. Bonfire organizes online fundraising contributions and rewards contributors with a t-shirt so comfortable that they will actually want to wear it.

Dozens have already created life changing fundraising campaigns for friends and relatives. Some campaigns are used to pay for a lifesaving medical operation that won’t be covered by insurance, for example, while other campaigns are used to fund animal shelters or community organizations.

There are plenty of fundraising ideas floating around the internet, but most are not realistic for helping friends and family in need. Here are four reasons why Bonfire can help anyone create a life changing fundraising campaign for a friend when they need it most:

4) Give contributors something they’ll actually use

Traditional fundraising campaigns usually reward contributors with some sort of gift. Contributors who donate $10 might get a bracelet, for example, while those who donate $20 could get a fridge magnet. The problem with many of these gifts is that a lot of them will never get used. Contributors appreciate receiving recognition for their contribution, but how much more effective would your campaign be if you were able to give contributors something they actually want to use?

Bonfire has a solution to that problem: give contributors a stylish, comfortable t-shirt. Bonfire t-shirts are custom designed to be attractive and comfortable to wear. When wearing the t-shirt in public, contributors are able to raise awareness for the campaign, leading to a snowball effect that can only strengthen the campaign.

3) Simple online payments

No matter how altruistic your fundraiser may be, it’s going to be tough to attract donations without an efficient online payment system. Online payments are an essential part of any fundraising campaign in this day and age. Fundraisers that have an easy online payment system will attract more donations than fundraisers with outdated systems: it’s as simple as that.

We have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into making the online payment system as efficient as possible. Contributors can donate to campaigns using all major credit cards and the entire donation process can be completed in minutes.  Once the fund is successful, the funds are instantly sent to you through a secure online payment service. 

2) Zero risks

A traditional fundraising campaign comes with a fair bit of risk. A bake sale, for example, can lead to lots of baked goods left over, and a traditional t-shirt sale campaign may struggle to break even after taking manufacturing costs into account. Bonfire is able to avoid this issue by using minimum shirt sales goals on all campaigns.

If the fundraising campaign doesn’t reach their minimum shirt sales goal, then no one is charged and no money is exchanged. There are no hidden fees and the creator of the fundraiser does not have to put their neck on the line simply to help a friend. This innovative risk-free system has helped change lives around the world.

1) 100% of each t-shirt donation sent directly to you

100% of each donation tied to a shirt’s total cost is sent directly to you, the creator of the fundraising campaign. This ensures that the fundraising campaign is able to raise as much money as possible for the beneficial causes they support. For all additional donations not involving t-shirts, Bonfire simply applies an 8% fee. In addition, Bonfire covers all payment processing and credit card fees (approximately 3% to 5% per transaction).