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  1. The Fundraising Team Captain’s Checklist

    Fundraising Team Captain Timeline

    You’ve decided to start your own fundraising team! Maybe you are working with an organization that has abundant resources like Relay for Life, or maybe you are creating a team for a local Alzheimer’s run/walk benefit. Whatever your cause is, you will maximize your contribution if you recruit great people to work with, equip them with effective fundraising tools, and STAY ON TRACK with a team captain schedule. Here’s a timeline that can be used for any type of benefit that requires a team and someone to lead it. Download the checklist pdf, mark things off as you go, and countdown the days until you reach the big day.

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  2. 30 Free Mission Trip Shirt Designs

    27 Free Mission Trip Shirt Designs

    Mission trips are an excellent way to explore the world while serving the needs of under privileged foreign communities. Yet, when you factor in the all the transportation and lodging costs - they can quickly become an expensive endeavor. 

    This is why many future mission trippers turn to selling custom t-shirts to help finance the expense. By launching online t-shirt fundraisers, they are able to generate the funding for their trip without the hassle of directly soliciting donations from friends and family. Even better, their supporters get a memorable (and comfy!) shirt to commemorate their special mission.

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  3. 8 Ways to Promote Your T-Shirt Fundraiser on Facebook

    How to promote your t-shirt fundraiser on Facebook

    So you've already got your shirt designed, a worthy cause to raise money for, and are ready to launch your fundraiser. Yet there is one question that probably remains on your mind: "How am I going to get people to donate and buy my shirt?"

    There are a few elements that go into a successful fundraising campaign. Arguably the most is important element is how you are going to promote your fundraiser to people who will donate to your cause by buying a shirt. While there are numerous ways to go about promoting your fundraiser both offline and online - the focus of blog post is going to be promoting your fund on Facebook by using (mostly) free tactics.

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  4. 50 Free Adoption Shirt Designs

    50 Free Adoption Shirt Designs

    In honor of National Adoption Month and National Adoption Day, we're releasing 50 of our favorite adoption shirt designs -- completely free. You can use these designs for launching a fundraiser, printing your own shirts, or whatever you can dream up!

    Each design is also packaged with a layered Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI) file so you can customize it any way you see fit. Simply click the download link for each design and then unzip the folder on your computer. Enjoy!

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  5. A Brand New Look + Awesome Features

    Fresh design, new features

    This past October was a busy one for us here at Bonfire. Not only was it National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it was also one of our biggest and most anticipated design and feature updates ever. 

    How big you ask?

    Well, really big. Like 8 new features and over 120 different visual and layout changes BIG.

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