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  1. 60 Free Medical Shirt Designs

    Medical Designs Free

    Medical bills add up incredibly fast and never come at a convenient time. Even with medical insurance, a diagnosis like cancer can put families under extreme financial restraints that do little to help an already emotionally trying time.

    Bonfire wants to make it as easy as possible for individuals to fundraise for medical bills. Our t-shirt fundraising platform is completely risk free and requires no upfront investment of inventory. With these free designs, you can create a shirt, promote it on social media, and watch your community start to rally behind your recovery in a matter of minutes.  We have designs for a number of illnesses as well as general designs for any condition or injury that might have left you needing some financial support. 

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  2. The Ultimate List of Fundraising Ideas

    Ultimate List of Fundraising Ideas Intro Image

    The Ultimate List of Fundraising Ideas is a compilation of the best events, campaigns, and donation strategies on the web. We asked our friends in a variety of non-profit companies and donation-dependent groups what ideas actually were successful at raising money. BonfireFunds is passing this resource on to you with some helpful hints about how to make each creative fundraiser a success. 

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  3. Anna Kate - The Warrior Princess

    Anna Kate Wenz Warrior PrincessWe first got to hear the story of Anna Kate Wenz when her Aunt, Megan designed a shirt on to raise money for her beloved niece who had just been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

    Still unsure of what the tumor was and what treatment would be necessary, Megan knew her sister’s family was starting a fight that would come with emotional and financial difficulties, to say the least.

    As of April 23, we know that the tumor has been diagnosed as Medulloblastoma, a type of cancer that originates in the back of the brain, between the cerebellum and the brain stem. Anna Kate recently underwent emergency surgery and started chemotherapy to combat the cancer that has spread down her spine.

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  4. Flexible Goals = More Money for You

    Flexible Goals intro

    Fixed sales goals are a thing of the past. Say hello to our brand new feature: Flexible Goals.

    We’re super excited to announce the arrival of Flexible Goals, a huge improvement to how sales goals work on Bonfire.

    So what are Flexible Goals?
    When setting up a fund, you’ll still set a sales goal to encourage your supporters. However, now with our new Flexible Goals system, we’ll still print your shirt as long as you’ve sold the minimum quantity needed to print - regardless of whether you reach your sales goal or not. Even better, the more shirts you sell, the more profit you make per shirt! There’s a lot to love about Flexible Goals — keep reading to learn more:

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  5. 51 Free Animal Rescue Shirt Designs

    51 Free Animal Rescue Shirt Designs

    To help animal shelters and humane societies get the word out about the benefits of adopting, we’re giving away 51 free pet rescue shirt designs. You can download the images, edit them, or upload them right into our t-shirt design wizard. We take the effort out of the t-shirt design and fundraising process, so you can keep all of your attention on finding great homes for our furry friends.

    Even with volunteers, the costs to keep a shelter full of animals fed, healthy, and in sanitary living conditions are significant. Many shelter owners rely on fundraisers from the general public to keep the lights on and continue caring for their four legged guests.

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