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10 Ways YOU Can Raise Money for Shaka & FRIENDS

Fundraising these days is fun, social, and rewarding, but it’s not always easy!  It’s challenging to come up with creative ways to reach new supporters and avoid that mid-campaign lull. 

Well today’s your lucky day.  We’ve come up with some cool new ways to bring attention to your Shaka and FRIENDS fundraiser so you’re primed and ready to raise a TON of money and awareness for this awesome organization! 

If doing some good for a great cause isn’t motivation enough, the cool incentives tied to his campaign should seal the deal…  Try one, try ‘em all, or come up with your own crazy strategies!

10 ways YOU can raise money for Shaka & FRIENDS

1.  Create a separate Facebook page dedicated to your personal fundraiser for Shaka and FRIENDS.  Keep your link front and center, let friends post messages and pictures, and regularly update everyone on your progress.

2.  Go beyond Facebook and Twitter and post your link on other high traffic community sites – Reddit, sports blogs, NCAA chat rooms, etc. 

3.  The holidays are upon us...  Remind everyone that shirts and hoodies make great gifts!  People will thank you for the suggestion – it’s one less idea they have to come up with on their own.

4.  Make it a win-win for the office.  The more shirts they help you sell, the more likely you’ll win the 55-inch TV for your break room!  Ummmm, how awesome would THAT be during March Madness??

5.  Since we’re talking office incentives, remind everyone that the team that ultimately raises the most money for Shaka and FRIENDS gets to hang out with Shaka himself!  How would your coworkers feel about a laid back Q&A session with one of the coolest coaches in NCAA Division I basketball?  Or hitting the gym for a Rams-style workout?  Or playing an hour’s worth of HORSE? 

6.  Run your own mini contest!  Tell everyone that if they buy a shirt using your link, you'll randomly select one of your supporters to win a $25 gift card (to a local restaurant, sporting goods store, iTunes, whatever you think will work!)  Small price to pay for winning dinner with Shaka!!

7.  Put a sign in your rear car window that says “Help Shaka Smart and me support FRIENDS RVA at [insert your personal fundraising link]!”  You may get a few confused stares, but we bet people will pull out their camera phones, snap a pic, and check it out later…

8.  Update your e-mail signature to include your fundraising link.  That way everyone who gets an email from you sees the link and checks it out.

9.  Tell everyone in your family they can skip buying you a Christmas gift if they buy a shirt or donate to your campaign instead.  May mean a few less boxes under the tree, but hey, ‘tis the season for giving right?

10.  Call us crazy, but maybe the best way to get people energized about your campaign is to start a trend…  And buy a shirt for yourself!!

Good luck Bonfire Fans!  On behalf of Shaka and Maya Smart and the FRIENDS Association for Children, thank you for your help!