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  1. The best fundraisers offer –and deliver- rewards that people would actually buy. Why is that such a unique fundraising idea?

    Anyone can ask for donations but why not offer a reward people will actually use and love?  How many times a week do you think these same people are being solicited to support other causes?   The reality is, people are busy and their bandwidth to help is limited. 

    Whether you agree with it or not, our economy is currently built on people buying things - lots of things.  And since people already buy things, at an amazing rate, why not help them do some good at the same time.  For some reason rewarding supporters with something that they would actually want to buy, up to this point has almost been an oxymoron.

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  2. How failing helped create a product that people actually use!

    How failing helped create a product that people actually use!

    Somehow the timing and environment in my life just happened to be the perfect storm that led me to quit my job and start BonfireFunds.Com.  I would like to think it was similar to something really important like how life on earth was started or Richard Branson’s vision to develop space travel or even the creation of the iPhone.  But sadly it wasn’t. 

    I simply had a need to raise money and didn’t feel comfortable asking people to just give it to me.  The other hard part was that I needed to raise around $3 million dollars. 

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