Announcing the new Bonfire! Come try out a better way to design and sell custom tees!


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  1. Meet the New Bonfire

    Meet the New Bonfire

    Meet the New Bonfire

    We’re excited to announce, a brand new platform where you can design, sell and fundraise with custom shirts. The idea is very similar to, but with a ton of new features and product options like v-necks, tank tops and more.

    To provide the best possible experience to our users, we are phasing out this site to focus our efforts entirely on We invite you to join us – you can look forward to the same caring customer support and the soft, premium t-shirts that we’ve always provided.

    What’s new on

    We designed the new site from the ground up to offer you the best experience possible. Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to:

    Design tool
    • New apparel options including v-necks, baseball tees, unisex tank tops, women’s tank tops & crewneck sweatshirts. (As well as all the shirt styles from
    • Sell any combination of shirt colors and styles
    • Dashboards help you easily manage and track your sales
    • Fundraising features let you accept donations and raise money for a great cause… just like BonfireFunds!

    And as always, it’s totally free to sign up and sell shirts. We invite you to join us and try out some of these new features that we’ve been working hard on.


    Phasing out will be phased out slowly through the end of 2016. Here’s how it’ll go:

    • October 13 – November 30, 2016 - Existing users may continue to use the site to create and launch funds like usual. New users may no longer create accounts on and are invited to create accounts on
    • December 1, 2016 - Funds may no longer be created, launched or relaunched on All live funds are allowed to run to completion and all shirt purchases are printed and shipped as usual.
    • Early 2017 - is completely shut down and accounts are no longer accessible. All visitors to the site are redirected to

    If you’re worried about how this move will affect you, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Here are some common concerns:

    What will happen to my t-shirt designs?

    We’re happy to help you transfer your BonfireFunds t-shirt designs to Once you create an account, just send us an email letting us know which designs you’d like transfered, and we’ll take it from there.

    Will my supporters still receive shirts they purchased on

    All shirts sold on will be printed and shipped to your supporters as planned. (And our return policy still applies, so if they’re unhappy in any way, just have them email us and we’ll take care of them.)

    What will happen to my account when shuts down?

    When shuts down in early 2017, you will no longer be able to access your account. Fund profiles will no longer be publically visible and sensitive personal and financial data will be securely stored and ultimately deleted. Fund organizers with outstanding balances on are strongly encouraged to request payouts at their earliest convenience.

    We’re excited to offer you and your supporters an amazing experience over at We aim to help strengthen and inspire your community with t-shirts they’ll love. That’s what was about, and that’s what will continue to be.

    If you have any questions or concerns, or you need help getting set up on, please reach out to us at

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  2. 10 Fresh Alternatives to Boring School Fundraisers

    Online Flea Market Fundraising Idea

    School fundraisers have a reputation for being repetitive and predictable. Everyone’s sick of peddling tins of popcorn door to door, hawking cupcakes at a folding table and enduring yet another walk-a-thon. Switch it up this year by doing something new. Check out these 10 fresh ideas:

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  3. 25 Free Global Issue Shirt Designs

    Medical Designs Free

    What does global citizenship mean to you? At Bonfire, we got super inspired watching some amazing global citizens raise money for hunger, thirst and natural disaster relief through our site. We want to empower more people to help out – that's why we created a batch of free global issues T-shirt designs.

    Just download a premade design, upload it into our T-shirt design wizard and start your fundraiser within minutes. Use the power of social media to make a meaningful difference by inspiring your community to support your cause. When your fundraiser ends, 100% of the shirt profits are sent directly to you. You can then donate it to the charity of your choice or use it to fund a trip to help out on the ground yourself! 

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  4. Love Has No Limits- Koch Family Adoption Story

    Hi, I’m Tyler Koch. I’m honored to be sharing about our adoption journey here on the Bonfire blog! Encouraging families who are going through the process of adoption is one of my favorite things to do because I know firsthand how difficult the journey can be. I sincerely hope that our story lifts your spirits and gives you hope as you walk through your own adoption journey.

    Six months ago our lives were forever changed as we welcomed our first child, Isabel Grace, into our family through adoption.

    My husband Cary and I had always been open to adding to our family through adoption, but it wasn’t until we were faced in an unexpected infertility diagnosed less than 2 years into our marriage that we started very seriously contemplating the option. At that point in our journey, we understood the depth of our desire to become parents. We had begun to accept that, while the process might look different than we originally intended, adoption could still make our dream possible. Once we fully opened our hearts to adoption, amazing things started to happen. We were filled with intense joy, confidence & peace concerning the future of our family. This helped confirm in our hearts that God was directing our steps.

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  5. 6 Photography Tips to Make the Most of Your Fundraising Event

    Event Photography Blog Intro

    All too often, the planning and execution of a fundraising event becomes so overwhelming that photography and videography fall by the wayside. It’s easy to see why many organizers succumb to this pitfall - these details don’t help actualize the event. Why waste resources on photography when there are far more important matters needing attention?

    However, just like the funds you raised, all those little fleeting moments are the fruits of your hard labor. After the event, they will prove an invaluable tool with which to engage your supporters on social media. Down the road, your photos will provide much-needed content for newsletters, email blasts, annual reports and blog posts. They’ll even help you promote future events as you elicit fond memories from past supporters and pique the interest of new ones. Investing a just a small amount of resources into event photography will pay dividends - don’t put it on the back burner when the going gets rough! Make the most of your event with killer photos and video by following these six tips.

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