Announcing the new Bonfire! Come try out a better way to design and sell custom tees!


About Us: The Bonfire Story

  • The box where it all started

    It all started with a leftover box of shirts...

    March of 2011, Virginia Commonwealth University was on the verge of losing their rockstar head coach, Shaka Smart. We needed a way to ask the community for money, but without directly asking for it. What better way than t-shirts, right?

    After our fundraiser we found ourselves with a box of unsold shirts in various sizes and quantities. It was that moment we realized 3 important things:
    1. Printing shirts and fulfilling orders is far from easy
    2. Lots of upfront costs can eat up any profits
    3. Getting stuck with “the box” of shirts really stinks

    Many hours were spent looking for a way to sell t-shirts online without any upfront costs. No solutions were found, so we figured ‘why not build it ourselves’...

  • Enter


    Turns out, that infamous box of extra shirts is what led us to develop our platform into the fundraising tool it is today.

    Ever since Bonfire launched in February 2012, we’ve tried our hardest to make the fundraising experience as delightful as possible for everyone who visits

    We believe in people before profits, and are constantly seeking to delight anyone who interacts with our site. Our ultimate goal is to give people a tool to make this world a better place.

  • What Bonfire believes in and stands for

    Our entire team at Bonfire believes in the power of community and paying it forward. We choose to donate our time and a portion of our profits to causes that fit into these three categories: organizations that support children with special needs and cancer, grassroots community organizations and organizations that support our environment.

    We are a small group of designers, engineers, creatives, sports enthusiasts, longboard skateboarders, surfers, horticulturists, life lovers, screen printers, philanthropists, readers, philosophers, adorers of do good dudes and dudettes, striving give backers, Costa Rican beach dreamers, and fun mongerers.

    Our office and printing facility are located in historic Richmond, VA. #RVA

  • What the future holds

    What the future holds

    After being featured in numerous publications and major media outlets, the future looks promising for Bonfire.

    While it’s important to focus on where we are going, putting our fundraisers and supporters before profits will always anchor any decision we make. If it weren’t for our loyal group of fans and grassroots do-good-ers, we wouldn’t be successful. YOU are what makes us and YOU are the most important part of our business. Period.

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